18.S996 | Spring 2013 | Graduate

Category Theory for Scientists


All readings and assignments are from the textbook, which is available online:

Complete textbook as a single file (PDF - 4.3MB)

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1 Introduction (PDF)

1.1 A brief history of category theory

1.2 Intention of this book

1.3 What is requested from the student

1.4 Category theory references

1.5 Acknowledgments

2 The category of sets (PDF)

2.1 Sets and functions

2.2 Commutative diagrams

2.3 Ologs

2.4 Products and coproducts

2.5 Finite limits in Set

2.6 Finite colimits in Set

2.7 Other notions in Set

3 Categories and functors, without admitting it (PDF)

3.1 Monoids

3.2 Groups

3.3 Graphs

3.4 Orders

3.5 Databases: schemas and instances

4 Basic category theory (PDF - 1.5MB)

4.1 Categories and Functors

4.2 Categories and functors commonly arising in mathematics

4.3 Natural transformations

4.4 Categories and schemas are equivalent, Cat ~ Sch

4.5 Limits and colimits

4.6 Other notions in Cat

5 Categories at work (PDF - 2.6MB)

5.1 Adjoint functors

5.2 Categories of functors

5.3 Monads

5.4 Operads

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