2.000 | Spring 2002 | Undergraduate

How and Why Machines Work


1. Disposable Camera (PDF)

2. Internships (PDF)

3. Manufacturing

As each group did not have time to get through all of the processes, you are only required to do 3 of the 4 process choices listed in homework 3.

Other things to remember

  • You may work as a group to take the pictures or take pictures individually.
  • You must do the write up individually.
  • The homework is posted on the web as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file.
  • You should download this file so that you can insert/import your pictures into it.
  • Insert/import your pictures into the file, THEN print the file so that you can write on it.
  • There are instructions on the web for getting pics from your camera into the Microsoft® PowerPoint® document.

What to hand in

  • Hand in a soft copy of all the pictures you take. You should put them on a floppy disk or email to the TA.
  • Hand in a hard copy of the homework.

Write up (PDF)

Camera Support (PDF)

2.000 Graphics Tutorial (PDF - 2.8 MB)

Microsoft® PowerPoint® GUI (Look for GUI section) (PDF)

4. Machine Components and Systems (PDF)

5. Etch a Sketch (PDF)

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