The table below provides information on the course’s lecture (L), and lab (Lab) sessions.

L1 Introduction to Ocean Systems and Engineering

L2 Sea Floor; Measurements in the Ocean; Accuracy of Measurements

L3 Atmospheric Effects on the Ocean; Wind and Heat

Lab 1 SeaPerch II ROV: Introduction to SeaPerch, Construction Plan, Lab Procedures Homework 1 due
L4 Ocean Seawater Properties

Lab 2 SeaPerch II: Building and Motors

Lab 3 Extra SeaPerch II Lab Session, In Place of Lecture: Building Motors and Electronics (cont.)

L5 Light Propagation in the Ocean Homework 2 due
Lab 4 SeaPerch II: Continue Work

L6 Sound Propagation in the Ocean: Basics, Speed of Sound, Sound Channel

L7 Acoustics 1

Lab 5 SeaPerch II: Completion

L8 Acoustics 2 Homework 3 due
L9 Acoustics 3

Lab 6 Field/Pool Test of SeaPerch II ROV

L10 Acoustics 4

L11 Introduction to GFD; Conservation of Mass/Momentum/Energy Homework 4 due
Lab 7 Start Final Project

Exam 1 (In-class)

L12 Turbulence, Scaling, Boundary Layers

Lab 8 Final Project (cont.)

L13 Ocean Mixing and Stability

L14 Coriolis Force and Ekman Forcing Homework 5 due
Lab 9 Final Project (cont.)

L15 Geostrophic Flows 1

Lab 10 Final Project (cont.)

L16 Geostrophic Flows 2 Homework 6 due
L17 Measuring Currents: Lagrangian vs. Eulerian

Lab 11 Final Project: Testing

L18 Deep Ocean Circulation

L19 El Nino and La Nina Homework 7 due
Lab 12 Final Project: Testing, Integration with ROV

L20 Coastal Processes: Tsunamis

Exam 2 (take home) out

Lab 13 Final Project: Testing Complete ROV System

L21 Guest Lecture: Hydrothermal Vents in the Ocean Exam 2 (take home) due
L22 Guest Lecture: Chemical Sensing in the Ocean

Lab 14 Final Presentations

L23 Trip to WHOI: Launch ROV and Visit WHOI Labs

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