Lecture Notes

13.811 is split into two segments: structural dynamics for the first half of the semester and acoustics for the second half.

NOTE: Only the acoustics component is available on this site. The structural dynamics component has not yet been incorporated into OCW.

Structural Dynamics
1-13 Structural Dynamics    
14 Introduction

The Acoustic Wave Equation

Schmidt (PDF)
15 Helmholtz Equation

Plane Waves

Wavenumber Representation

Schmidt (PDF)
16 Radiation from Infinite Plate

2-d Wavenumber Space

Spherical Waves from Point Source

Schmidt (PDF - 1.2 MB)
17 Directivity Function

Radiation from Baffled Rectangular Piston

Schmidt (PDF)
18 Radiation from Planar Sources Schmidt (PDF)

Supporting Files (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: circ.m, circ_arr.m, dba.m, dbp.m, rect.m, rect_arr.m, sinc.m, and wavei.m.)

19 Radiation from Elastic Plates Schmidt (PDF)

Supporting Files (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: plate.m.)

20 Quiz    
21 Spherical Waves

Spherical Harmonics

Battle (PDF)
22 Spherical Multipole Radiation Battle (PDF)
23 Scattering from Spheres Battle  
24 Cylindrical Waves Battle (PDF)
25 Helical Waves Battle (PDF)

Supporting Files (ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: readme.txt, cylrad.m, dH_ndx.m, dhndx.m, dipole.m, djndx.m, H_n.m, hard_sphere.m, helical.m, hn.m, jn.m, lpoly.m, monopole.m, sharm.m, soft_sphere.m, Ymn.m, and yn.m.)

26 Radiation from Cylinders Battle  

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