2.086 | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers


Unit I: (Numerical) Calculus—Interpolation, Integration, Differentiation
1 The MATLAB Environment  
2 Syntax. Scripts Mini Quiz 1: Nutshell: Interpolation
3 Single-Index Arrays. Plot Mini Quiz 1 (cont.): Nutshell: Interpolation
Unit II: Probability; Statistical Estimation; Monte-Carlo Methods
4 Functions Assignment 1 Due
5 Random Sampling (rand, randn, randi). Norminv and finv Mini Quiz 2: Nutshell: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
6 Double-Index Arrays Mini Quiz 3: Nutshell: Monte Carlo Methods
**Unit III: (Numerical) Linear Algebra I—Matrices and Vectors, Least-Squares; Regression
7 Matrix and Vector Operations Assignment 2 Due
8 (evil) inv. Backslash Operator (Least-Squares) Mini Quiz 4: Nutshell: Matrices and Vectors
9   Mini Quiz 5: Nutshell: Least Squares Fitting of Models to Data
Unit IV: Numerical Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs); Eigenproblems
10 Passing Functions (Handles). Anonymous Functions Assignment 3 Due
11 ode45 and ode23s. eig. Mini Quiz 6: Nutshell: Numerical ODEs.
Unit V: (Numerical) Linear Algebra II—Linear Systems; Nonlinear Systems
12 Sparse Matrix Operations Assignment 4 Due

Mini Quiz 6 (cont.): Nutshell: Numerical ODEs.

13 fsolve  
14   Mini Quiz 7: Nutshell: Formulation of Linear Systems
15   Assignment 5 Due

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