2.086 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers

MATLAB Tutorials

This page presents the MATLAB® tutorials used in the recitation sessions.

[Note to OCW Users: MIT OpenCourseWare does not provide student access or discounts for MATLAB software. It can be purchased from The MathWorks®. For more information about MATLAB Pricing and Licensing, contact The MathWorks® directly.]

Unit I: (Numerical) Calculus
R1 No MATLAB tutorial.
R2 MATLAB Basics (M)
R3 Single Index Arrays (M)
Unit II: Statistical Estimation; Monte Carlo Methods
R4 Functions (ZIP) (This file contains 5 .M files.)
R5 Double Index Arrays (M)
Unit III: Linear Algebra 1: Matrices and Least Squares; Regression
R6 Matrix/Vector Operations and Least Squares (M)
R7 No MATLAB tutorial.
Unit IV: Ordinary Differential Equations
R8 MATLAB eig (M)

Passing Functions (Handles); Anonymous Functions; MATLAB ode45 (ZIP)
(This file contains 3 .M files and 1 .png file.)

Unit V: Linear Algebra 2: Linear Systems
R10 No MATLAB tutorial.


MATLAB Sparse Matrices and Backslash (M)
Unit VI: Nonlinear Problems
R13 No MATLAB tutorial.
R14 MATLAB fsolve (M)

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