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Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes


The following table lists chapters in the course textbook that covers each lecture’s materials. These readings are supplemented by assigned papers in the weekly homework.

A list of recommended books to supplement the assigned readings is given below the table.

Course Textbook

Chen, Gang. Nanoscale Energy Transport and Conversion: A Parallel Treatment of Electrons, Molecules, Phonons, and Photons. Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN: 9780195159424. [Preview with Google Books]

1 Intro to Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Transport Phenomena Chapter 1
2 Characteristic Time and Length, Simple Kinetic Theory Chapter 1
3 Schrödinger Equation and Material Waves Chapter 2
4 Solution of Schrödinger Equation, Energy Quantization Chapter 2
5 Electronic Levels in One-Dimensional Lattice Chain Chapter 3
6 Crystal Bonding and Electronic Energy Levels in Crystals Chapter 3
7 Phonon Energy Levels in Crystal and Crystal Structures Chapter 3
8 Density of States and Statistical Distributions Chapter 3-4
9 Specific Heat and Planck’s Law Chapter 4
10 Fundamental of Statistical Thermodynamics Chapter 4
11 Energy Transfer by Waves: Plane Waves Chapter 5
12 Electromagnetic Waves: Reflection at a Single Interface Chapter 5
13 EM Wave Propagation Through Thin Films and Multilayers Chapter 5
14 Wave Phenomena and Landauer Formalism Chapters 5–6
15 Particle Description, Liouville and Boltzmann Equations Chapter 6
16 Fermi Golden Rule and Relaxation Time Approximation Chapter 6
17 Solutions to Boltzmann Equation: Diffusion Laws Chapter 6
18 Electron Transport and Thermoelectric Effects Chapter 6
19 Classical Size Effects, Parallel Direction Chapter 7
20 Classical Size Effects, Perpendicular Direction Chapter 7
21 Slip Condition, Coupled Energy Transport and Conversion Chapter 7-8
22 PN junction, Diode and Photovoltaic Cells Chapter 8
23 Liquids: Brownian Motion and Forces in Liquids Chapter 9
24 Electrical Double Layer, Size Effects in Phase Change Chapter 9
25 Statistical Foundation for Molecular Dynamics Simulation Chapter 10

Recommended Books

Griffiths, D. J. “Quantum Mechanics.” In Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. Prentice Hall, 1994. ISBN: 9780131244054.

Kittel, C. “Solid-State Physics.” In Introduction to Solid State Physics. 7th ed. Wiley, 1995. ISBN: 9780471111818.

Born, M., and E. Wolf. “Electromagnetism.” In Principles of Optics: Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light. 7th ed. Cambridge University Press, 1999. ISBN: 9780521642224. [Preview with Google Books]

Sze, S. M. “Electronics.” In Physics of Semiconductor Devices. 2nd ed. Wiley, 1981. ISBN: 9780471056614.

Kittel, C., and H. Kroemer. “Thermal Physics.” In Thermal Physics. 2nd ed. Freeman and Company, 1980. ISBN: 9780716710882.

Vincenti, W. G., and C. H. Kruger, Jr., “Kinetic Theory.” In Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics. Krieger, 1975. ISBN: 9780882753096.

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