Lecture Audio and Slides

1 Introduction (PDF - 1.5MB) Internet Archive (MP3 - 19MB)
2 Thermoelectric effect and thermoelectric devices (PDF - 1.3MB) Internet Archive (MP3 - 20MB)
3 Energy states in matter (PDF) Internet Archive (MP3 - 19MB)
4 Kinetic formulation of thermoelectricity (PDF) Internet Archive (MP3 - 20MB)
5 Current research on thermoelectric materials (PDF - 1.9MB) Internet Archive (MP3 - 20MB)
6 Thermionic power conversion (PDF) Internet Archive (MP3 - 20MB)
7 Photovoltaic cells (PDF - 1.2MB) Internet Archive (MP3 - 18MB)
8 Radiative heat transfer (PDF - 1.0MB) Internet Archive (MP3 - 18MB)
9 Solar concentration and solar thermal technology (PDF - 1.4MB) Internet Archive (MP3 - 19MB)
10 Guest Lecture: Chris Schuh, “Nanostructured Materials: Stability Against Thermal Coarsening.” (slides not available) (audio not available)
11 Guest Lecture: Ivan Čelanović, “Photonic Crystals: Shaping the Flow of Thermal Radiation.” (PDF - 5.9MB) (Courtesy of Ivan Čelanović. Used with permission.) (audio not available)
12 Applications of thermoelectrics and photovoltaics (PDF) (audio not available)