20.020 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Biological Engineering Design


PDP1: Letter

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Draft a letter. Address this letter to someone(s) you care about. Your letter should introduce and describe a real world problem or opportunity, one that you have inherited, identified, dreamed about, or otherwise encountered, and that you would like to solve or realize. Your letter should explain why you feel the problem or opportunity is important, and what the consequences of success might be. You can focus on more than one issue, but each issue needs to be explained. Please print and bring your letter to the studio tomorrow.

Time to Complete This Letter: 1 Hour Max.

Why are we doing this??

We’re looking ahead to the project you and your team will design this term…the first step is for you to decide what you’d like to work on. This letter should start you thinking about your areas of interest. The letter will also be a way to talk with others about things that interest them. Maybe you’ll hear an idea you never considered and want to investigate it further. Maybe you’ll find someone with very similar concerns.

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