20.441J | Fall 2009 | Graduate

Biomaterials-Tissue Interactions

Lecture Notes

I. Tissue environment of the implanted biomaterial: unit cell processes
1 Survey of clinical cases of biomaterials-tissue interactions Spector, Yannas

(PDF - 9.4MB)

(PDF - 4.2MB)


Tissue structures and unit cell processes

Integrins and adhesion proteins


(PDF - 1.2MB)

(PDF - 3.0MB)


(PDF - 3.2MB)

3 Unit cell processes comprising the healing response Spector

(PDF - 4.0MB)

(PDF - 4.3MB)

4 Unit cell processes underlying tissue engineering Spector

(PDF - 7.5MB)

5 Structure and function of naturally occurring ECMs Yannas



6 ECM does not regenerate spontaneously Yannas (PDF
7 Quiz 1    
II. Cell-surface interactions
8 Analysis of surfaces of biomaterials and protein adsorption Spector (PDF - 1.7MB)
9 Phenotype changes following adhesion on biomaterials Yannas (PDF
10 Structural determinants of biologically active materials Yannas (PDF - 2.2MB)
11 Methodology for cell-surface interactions Yannas (PDF)
12 Cell-scaffold interactions during regeneration Yannas (PDF - 3.8MB)
13 Noncooperative cell-surface interactions Yannas (PDF - 3.7MB
14 From randomness to cooperativity Yannas (PDF)
15 Quiz 2    
III. In vivo and clinical case studies
16 Tissue response to implants; biocompatibility Spector (PDF - 6.1MB)
17 Epithelialization (epidermal regeneration) and endothelialization of vascular prostheses Spector

(PDF - 1.2MB)


18 In vivo synthesis of skin Yannas

(PDF - 1.7MB)


19 In vivo synthesis of peripheral nerve Yannas (PDF - 3.9MB
20 Rules for synthesis of tissues and organs Yannas (PDF - 2.8MB
21 Joints and dental tissues: prosthetic replacement Spector

(PDF - 7.7MB)

(PDF - 9.9MB)

22 Implants for bone regeneration Spector (PDF - 4.0MB
23 Regeneration of soft musculoskeletal tissues Spector File not available
24 Biomaterial applications in the heart and other organs Spector (PDF - 3.7MB)
25 Quiz 3