21A.150 | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Teaching and Learning: Cross-Cultural Perspectives


Response Papers

12 of the class sessions feature a prompt for short response papers. Students should pick any six to write. These papers should engage explicitly with one or more of the readings. The intention of the papers is to help students digest the readings in preparation for class discussion, and it is perfectly acceptable if they raise more questions than answers. If students wish to write additional response papers, the six highest grades will be recorded.

Research Project

The final paper for this course consists of a qualitative research of the students’ own design. Students may elect to work with a partner for a shared grade. The project requires three elements to be completed by specified dates: (1) a research proposal; (2) a collection of data; and (3) a final paper of 10–12 pages. The topic of research is up to students, but must relate in some way to the transmission / acquisition of knowledge or skill and employ qualitative research methods of the sort discussed in class.

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