Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Culture, Sign and Symbol (PDF)
3 Discuss Illness as Metaphor (PDF)
4 Metaphor and Other Tropes (PDF)
5 More Tropes (PDF)
6 Interpreting Metaphor (PDF)
7 Metaphorical Imperialism (PDF)
8 Animals (PDF)
9 Animals and Classification (PDF)
10 Roosters and Interpretation (PDF)
11 The Human Body (PDF)
12 More Bodies (PDF)
13 Classification and Cosmology (PDF)
14 Ritual (PDF)
15 Passage and Persuasion (PDF)
16 Ritual and Power (PDF)
17 Magic and Ritual Curing (PDF)
18 Narrative and Life (PDF)
19 Narrative and Control (PDF)
20 Folktale and Form (PDF)
21 Little Red Riding Hood and the Freudian Wolf (PDF)
22 Goldilocks Meets Oedipus (PDF)
23 Hyenas and Demon Brides (PDF)
24 Jaguars, Vampires, and Starlets (PDF)
25 Movies on Myth
26 Wrap up

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