21G.044 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate

Classics of Chinese Literature


Below is a calendar for the course showing the topics covered in each week and session. Key dates: annotated bibliographies are due in Week #9, final project presentations begin in Week #13, and final projects (including the project abstract, project, and 10 page revised annotated bibliography) should be submitted in Week #14.

1: Introduction Introduction
2: Classic Poetry

Introduction to traditional Chinese culture

Begin discussion of poetry unit

In-class assignment: Poetry Storyboards

3: Poetry and Classic Stories


Discussion and presentation of in-class group work on poems

4: Introduction to Drama: The Story of the Western Wing


Library workshop

5: Drama (cont.)

Discussion and dramatic exercise

Acting exercises

6: Introduction to the Novel: Three Kingdoms



7: Introduction to the Novel: Three Kingdoms (cont.)


Field trip to visit the Chinese house at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.

8: Novel (cont.): Outlaws of the Marsh

Lecture and discussion of project proposals and annotated bibliographies


9: Monkey/Journey to the West


Annotated bibliography due

Discuss Final Project ideas

10: Monkey/Journey to the West (cont)



11: Dream of the Red Chamber

Discussion of chapters 1–5

Discussion of chapters 6, 8, 11–13, 15, 17, 23, 25, 37, 38

12: Dream of the Red Chamber (cont.) Discussion of chapters 94, 98, 116, 119, 120
13: Begin presentations

Field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to the “Beyond the Screen” Exhibit and Chinese galleries

Handout for the Museum of Fine Arts trip

Student presentations of final projects
14: Presentations (cont.)

Student presentations of final projects (cont.)

Final projects due

15: Final day of class Party

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