21G.221 | Spring 2019 | Undergraduate

Communicating in American Culture(s)

Additional Resources

General resources:

Skimming and Scanning Advice from Leora Freedman of the University of Toronto’s Writing Centre. 

APA Style Guide A site offering guidelines on grammar and style, including guidelines on citation of sources.

Citing a Film (APA Style).

Citing a Film (MLA Style).

Synthesis Writing (PDF) A guide written by Sandra Jamieson of Drew University.

Guide to Reading Social Science (PDF) A handout from an MIT management course taught by Prof. Richard Schmalensee.

Academic Phrasebank: Referring to Sources A useful reference from the University of Manchester (UK).

Week 2:

Week 3: 

Week 4:

  •  Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel Durst (2016). Index of templates in They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. W.W. Norton & Co, pp. 221–235. ISBN: 9780393617443.

Week 5: 

  • Joseph Barber (2019). “Why Do We Talk Badly About Ourselves?” Inside Higher Ed, 4/1/2019.
  • Mugambi Jouet (2017). “From the American Enlightenment to Anti-Intellectualism” in Exceptional America: What Divides Americans from the World and from Each Other. University of California Press, pp. 43–79. ISBN: 9780520293298.

Week 6: 

Week 7: 

Week 9: 

Week 10: 

Week 11: 

Week 12:

Week 13:

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