21H.007J | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Empire: Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Studies


This table provides information about both the lecture (L) and recitation (R) sessions.

L1 Course Introduction  
R1 Introduction  
PART I: The Roman Empire in the Age of Augustus
L2 Hard Power—From Octavian to Augustus  
L3 Soft Power—Persuasion and the Principate  
R2 Reading the Res Gestae  
L4 Running the Empire  
L5 Empire and the Gods  
L6 Virgil’s Imperial Epic  
L7 Imperial Destiny: Aeneas and Dido  
R3 Reading Virgil  
L8 The City of Rome and the Forum of Augustus Paper 1 due
L9 Assessing Augustus: Suetonius and Tacitus  
R4 Ruthless Tyrant or Benevolent Monarch?  
PART II: Emperors of Europe—Charlemagne and Louis the Pious
L10 Overview: The Reigns of Charlemagne and Louis the Pious  
R4 Revising Papers, Topics for Paper 2  
L11 Narrating Carolingian Triumphs: The Annales Regni Francorum  
L12 Assessing Charlemagne: Einhard’s Life of Charlemagne Revision due
R6 Chronicle vs. Biography  
L13 Assessing Louis the Pious, I: Thegan’s Deeds of Emperor Louis  
L14 Assessing Louis the Pious, II: The Astronomer’s Life of Emperor Louis  
R7 Can We Uncover the Real Louis the Pious?  
L15 Imperial Epics: Karolus Magnus et Leo Papa and Ermold the Black  
L16 Apocryphal Stories: Notker’s Deeds of Charlemagne  
R8 Poetry and Anecdote as Historical Evidence  
L17 Carolingian Images of Power Paper 2 due
PART III: The English Empire in the Age of Edward III
L18 Origins: Legendary Antecedents for English Empire  
R9 “Early” vs. “High” Middle Ages; the Idea of Arthur  
L19 Beginning the War: The Order of the Garter and the Battle of Crécy  
L20 Continuing the War: English Success, French Resurgence  
R10 Froissart, War, and Chivalry  
L21 Manuscript Images: Close-Reading of the Page  
L22 Ricardian Poetry, Edwardian Themes: Arthur’s Court Reappears  
L23 Chivalry and Empire in a Post-Edwardian World  
R11 Discussion of SGGK  
L24 Combat, Tournament, and the End of a Reign  
L25 The War Continues: Henry V, Agincourt, and Joan of Arc  
R12 Work on SGGK Papers; Final Discussions  
L26 Conclusion: Empire in the Ancient and Medieval World Paper 3 due

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