21H.007J | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Empire: Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Studies


Students are required to write three papers, and revise the first paper. See the Calendar section for due dates.

Paper 1—Due session 8

For Paper 1, there are several topics to choose from.

  1. How does the image of leadership depicted in the statue of Augustus from Prima Porta compare with the image of leadership constructed by Augustus in the Res Gestae?
  2. Sincere praise? Subversive criticism? Ambivalence? How would you characterize Virgil’s attitude towards the Augustan Principate in the Aeneid?
  3. A topic of your own choice, which must be approved by the professor.

Revision—Due session 12

The first paper must be revised, taking into account comments made by the professor.

Paper 2—Due session 17

For Paper 2, students design their own topics.

There are no specific topics for Paper 2. Instead, students are each given a theme or concept of their own from which are were expected to device their own question and thesis for the essay. This is a thesis generation exercise.

Some examples of themes and topics:

Anger and Forgiveness
Christmas and Easter
Royal Titles
Piety (Royal)

Paper 3—Due session 26

For Paper 3, there several topics to choose from.

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