21H.221 | Fall 2006 | Undergraduate

The Places of Migration in United States History


The collaborative research project described in the syllabus took place in the second half of the semester. Students decided on the topic of U.S.-Mexico Border Relations. Featured below is a list of final student-written summaries of their experiences with the project.

U.S.-Mexico Border Relations

By now you’ve studied many aspects of recent Mexican migration to the United States: cultural, political, economic, and geographical. Step back, think it all over, and write a one-page memo of your thoughts that you’d like to pass on to future students who take this class, or to the world at large. What can we understand better from the time you’ve taken to examine this issue? What questions still remain?

It doesn’t have to be long at all, but take the time to polish it. Imagine yourself talking to a broad educated public.

Student Memos

The student works featured below are courtesy of the authors and are used here with permission.

Anonymous student. “What about Central Americans?” (PDF)

Aaron Stonely. “Collaborative Research: Mexican Migration.” (PDF)

Jennifer Hernandez. “Memo on the US-Mexico Border.” (PDF)

Nicholas Semenkovich. “Factors of the past shaping immigrant culture today.” (PDF)

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