Response Papers

Three short (750 words ≈ 3 pages each) writing assignments early in the term will require students to engage in close reading and critical analysis of key aspects of the Athenian archaeological and literary record and modern scholarship. The papers will be worth 30% of your final grade.

Response Paper 1 Prompt (PDF)

Response Paper 2 Prompt (PDF)

Response Paper 3 Prompt (PDF)

In-class Test

One in-class test, of 1½ hours duration, will be given and will be worth 20% of your final grade.

Class Test Information (PDF)

Research Project

The research project will be on a topic of your own choosing, and will take the form of a written paper of 3,000 words (≈ 10 to 12 pages). Your research project will be expected to demonstrate the skills developed in your earlier writing assignments (i.e. close analysis of archaeological and literary evidence) as well as knowledge and understanding of as wide as possible a range of modern works relevant to your chosen topic.

To encourage the early research and formulation of ideas, you will each be required to submit a topic proposal by Session 16. The topic proposal will count for 10%; the final paper for 20%. The research project will be due at the start of our final session.

Research Project Topic Proposal (PDF)

Student Examples

The research projects below appear courtesy of MIT students and are anonymous upon request.

"Allegations in the Agora: Impacts of the Built Environment on the Effectiveness of Law in Athens." (PDF)

"Integrating the Panathenaiac Games into the Framework of Democracy." (PDF)

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