21L.002-2 | Spring 2003 | Undergraduate
Foundations of Western Culture II: Renaissance to Modernity


1 Introduction. Machiavelli, excerpt from The Prince

2 More: excerpt from Utopia
Montaigne: Of Cannibals
3 Montaigne: Of Repentance, Of Diversion, Of Conserving the Will

4 Montaigne: excerpt from Of Experience Shakespeare, King Lear

5 Shakespeare: King Lear

6 Shakespeare: King Lear

7 Excerpts from Hobbes: Leviathan

8 Jonathan Swift: Gulliver’s Travels, IV

9 Jonathan Swift: (concluded) First Paper Due
(Six Pages)
10 Rousseau: On the Origins of Inequality

11 Rousseau: (concluded)

12 Wordsworth: Tintern Abbey; excerpts from The Prelude

13 Wordsworth: (concluded)

14 Wordsworth: (concluded)

15 Immanuel Kant: excerpt from The Metaphysical Foundation of Morals

16 Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice Second Paper Due
(Six Pages)
17 Jane Austen (continued)

18 Jane Austen (continued)

19 Balzac: Père Goriot

20 Balzac (continued)

21 Balzac (continued)

22 Friedrich Nietzsche, excerpts from The Geneology of Morals

23 Nietzsche, (concluded)

24 George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara

25 George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara

This subject does not have a final exam
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