21L.004 | Fall 2001 | Undergraduate

Major Poets


Lec # Topics Key Dates


Discussion of: Plath, Sylvia. Metaphors.

Discussion of: MacLeish, Archibald. Ars Poetica.

Discussion of: Merwin, W. S. Asian Figures.


Discussion of: Wyatt, Thomas. Who List to Hunt, They Flee From Me.

Discussion of: Spenser, Edmund*. Sonnets. 10, 15, 22, 67, 68, 75*.

Discussion of: Shakespeare, William. Sonnets.

3 William Shakespeare (cont.)  
4 William Shakespeare (cont.)  

William Shakespeare (cont.)

Discussion of John Donne Selections

6 John Donne (cont.)  

Discussion of: Campion, Thomas. My Sweetest Lesbia.

Discussion of: Johnson, Ben. To Penshurst, Two Songs to Celia, Inviting a Friend to Supper, Still to be Neat.

Discussion of: Herrick, Robert. Delight in Disorder, Corinna’s Going A-Maying, To the Virgins, A Night Piece to Julia, Julia’s Clothes, The White Island.

Discussion of: Herbert, George. The Collar, The Pulley, The Forerunners.

Discussion of: Carew, Thomas. A Song.

Discussion of: Waller, Edmund. Go Lovely Rose.

Discussion of: Larkin, Philip. Vers de Societé.

9 Discussion of: Milton, John. Lycidas, L’Allegro, Il Penseroso, How Soon Hath Time, On his Blindness, Methought I Saw My Late Espoused Saint. First paper due
10 John Milton (cont.)  

John Milton (Discussion Concluded)

Discussion of: Marvell, Andrew. The Coronet, Bermudas, Body and Soul.

12 Discussion of: Marvell, Andrew. Coy Mistress, The Gallery, Definition of Love, The Mower Against Gardens, The Garden.  
13 Discussion of: Marvell, Andrew. On Appleton House.  

Discussion of: Wordsworth, William. Tintern Abbey.

Discussion of: Taylor Coleridge, Samuel. Frost at Midnight.

Second paper due
15 Discussion of: Wordsworth, William. She dwelt among untrodden ways, A Slumber did my Spirit Seal, Three Years she grew, The Solitary Reaper, selected sonnets, Ode on Intimations of Immortality.  

William Wordsworth (Discussion Concluded)

Taylor Coleridge, Samuel. Khubla Khan.

17 Discussion of: Keats, John. The Grasshopper and the Cricket, In Drear-Nighted December, What the Thrush Said, When I Have Fears, La Belle Dame sans Merci, Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on Melancholy, Ode on a Grecian Urn, to Autumn, Bright Star.  
18 John Keats (Discussion Concluded)  
19 Discussion of: Butler Yeats, William. Adam’s Curse, Wild Swans at Coole, Easter 1916, The Second Coming, A Prayer for my Daughter, Sailing to Byzantium, Leda and the Swan, The Choice, For Anne Gregory, Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop, Among School Children, John Kinsella’s Lament for Mrs. Mary Moore, Politics.  

William Butler Yeats (Discussion Concluded)

Discussion of: Wilbur, Richard. Love Calls Us to Things of this World.

Third paper due

Discussion of: Arnold, Matthew. Dover Beach.

Discussion of: Stevens, Wallace. Death of a Soldier, The Snow Man, The Emperor of Ice-Cream, Tea at the Palaz of Hoon, On the Manner of Addressing Clouds, Sunday Morning, Anecdote of the Jar, Peter Quince at the Clavier, The Idea of Order at Key West.

22 Discussion of: Frost, Robert. The Oven Bird, Birches, Stopping by Woods, Acquainted with the Night, Neither Far Out nor In Deep, Design, The Silken Tent, Come In, Never Again Would Birdsong be the Same, The Most of It, Directive.  
23 Discussion of: Eliot, T. S. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land.  
24 Discussion of: Auden, W. H. As I Walked Out One Evening, Funeral Blues, Lullaby, Musée des Beaux Arts, In Memory of W. B. Yeats.  
25 Discussion of: Larkin, Philip. Church Going, An Arundel Tomb, Talking in Bed, Aubade, Essential Beauty, High Windows, The Whitsun Weddings.  
26 Review Final paper due one day after Lec #26

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