21L.020J | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate

Globalization: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between


SES # In-class activities assignments & key dates

Discuss Lahiri and Alarcón

Globalization: cultural mis-readings

Begin working on Response Paper 1
5 Discuss Menocal Response Paper 1 due

Discuss Chanda Ch. 4 and ISIS, the quest for a contemporary caliphate

Elements of good writing: Joaquín

Begin working on Essay 1

Discuss Chanda Ch.5–6 and “Gunga Din”

Listen to:

Connolly, Sarah. “Rule Brittania” (with lyric annotations). YouTube.

Finish first version of Essay 1
8 Discuss Chamoiseau First version of Essay 1 due
9 Discuss Papi Return first versions of Essay 1 one day before Session 10
10 Discuss Papi Reading Quiz 1
11 Guest lecture on authenticy and music by Prof. Patricia Tang Group project on world music genre

Discuss Byrne and group projects

Caravana visitors

Final version of Essay 1 due
15 Discuss The Buddha in the Attic Submit 3 ideas for presentation group

Discuss remainder of The Buddha in the Attic

Divide into presentation groups

Begin working on Response Paper 2

Discuss “The Crisis of Care in the Philippines”

Watch “Chain of Love”

Short presentation on memos

Response Paper 2 due

Work on group presentation memos

Discuss Chanda and Patton

Work on presentations

Discuss “Contagion” and Ebola

Work on team presentations

Presentation memo due

Presentation Memo Template (PDF)

Begin working on first version of Essay 2

21 Discuss “The Colombian Exchange” and Chanda Ch. 3

First version of Essay 2 due

Work on team presentations

22 Discuss Chanda and “No Logo” Work on team presentations
23 Discuss EU, NAFTA, TPP Reading Quiz 2
26 Final Discussion Final version of Essay 2 due

Resources for Assignments

Effective Impromptu Speaking (PDF)

Intellectual Integrity and Defensive Documentation (PDF)

Working Effectively in Groups (PDF)

Fear of Writing (PDF)

Example student work

The Evolution of Jeans and Its Impact on Global Society (PDF - 2.3MB) - Courtesy of Yazan Baara, Rozanne Mungai, and Crystal Pham. Used with permission.