21L.020J | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate

Globalization: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between


Chanda Ch. 5 Reading Guide

Read Chanda, Ch. 5

  1. Why can it be said that Seville gave birth to the modern era of globalization? (146)
  2. Who was Magellan, when and where did he travel?
  3. What accounts do we have prior to the 15th century of expeditions to Africa? (148-151)
  4. When and where did the Chinese explorations take place? How did they differ from the European explorations? What were the most important Chinese engagements with other countries? (151-153)
  5. When did Marco Polo travel? What motivated his trip? Why did his journeys have more impact than those of others who followed similar routes? What are some of the debates about his Description of the World? Do they matter? (154-156)
  6. Religious motives pushed several early migrations. What was Voyages of Benjamin? Who was in Battuta? When, where and for how long did he travel? (156-159)
  7. What were some of the most important events and who were some of the most important figures in New World exploration? How did Portugal acquire a spice monopoly? (159-161)
  8. Trace the development of the slave trade. What caused the turn from open migration to barriers against immigration? (164-168)
  9. What does Chanda mean when he says: “the direction of population movement was reversed.” (168-172)