21L.315 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate


Lecture Notes

The notes below are a partial transcript of class discussion, rather than lecture notes, and may not represent the instructor’s views fully or exactly. Not all poems assigned for a given session were discussed.

1 Beowulf, translator’s introduction, “The Settle Bed” (PDF)
2 Beowulf, translator’s introduction (cont.) (PDF)
3 Death of a Naturalist, Wintering Out, Door into the Dark
4 North (PDF)
5 Field Work, Seeing Things (PDF)
6 The Spirit Level (PDF)
7 In a Green Night (PDF)
8 The Castaway, The Gulf (PDF)
9 Sea Grapes, The Star-Apple Kingdom (PDF)
10 The Star-Apple Kingdom, The Fortunate Traveller (PDF)
11 Omeros, books I-II (PDF)
12 Omeros, books III-V (PDF)
13 Omeros, books VI-VII

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