21L.460 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate

Medieval Literature: Medieval Women Writers


1 Introduction  
2 Biblical and Patristic Materials Reader response 1
3 Hagiography: Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages  
4 Virgin Martyrdom in the Comic Mode  
5 Transforming the Past  
6 The Trivium: Scholasticism and the Literary Curriculum Reader response 2
7 Medieval Rhetoric and the Power of Emotions  
8 The Self Reformed  
9 Independent Research Project Presentations Oral reports
10 Independent Research Project Presentations Oral reports
11 Courtly Love and Self-presentation  
12 Romance and Aristocratic Society Write-ups of oral reports due
13 Adventures on the Celtic Fringe  
14 The Quadrivium: Science in the Medieval Curriculum  
15 The Science of Salvation  
16 Spirituality and Courtly Love  
17 Mysticism and Heresy  
18 Affective Piety and Autobiography  
19 The Disorders of Divine Love  
20 Objects of Affection  
21 Imitations of Love  
22 Disciplines of the Self  
23 Late Medieval Feminism  
24 Allegories of Power  
25 The Social Orders  
26 The Crisis of Nationalism Final paper due

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