21L.640J | Fall 2015 | Undergraduate

The New Spain:1977-Present


Final Portfolio

Each of you will choose a topic you would like to research throughout the semester. The final project for the class is a portfolio of that research with a two-page overview of your topic that shows how the research you have done has shaped your thoughts on the subject. There will be times in class when we discuss each student’s ongoing research. In the past students have chosen topics ranging from changes in post-Franco Spain regarding gender politics, clean-energy policy, theater, art, the economy, fashion, the church, etc. I want this class to give each of you the opportunity to study something that truly interests you. When there are be significant viewing requirements in the evening, we will not have class that day.

Final Portfolio Guidelines (PDF)

Weekly Homework Assignments

Homework Assignment 1 (PDF)

Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and Its Silent Past

Ibañez Martín

Homework Assignment 2 (PDF) Capítulo 3 en Ghosts of Spain
Homework Assignment 3 (PDF) El dueño del secreto
Homework Assignment 4 (PDF) Film: ¿Qué he hecho para merecer esto?

Homework Assignment 5 (PDF)

Essay on Castillos de Cartón (PDF)

Castillos de cartón pp. 1–87
Homework Assignment 6 (PDF)

Castillos de cartón

Film: Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios

Homework Assignment 7 (PDF)

Castillos de cartón

3 entradas bibliográficas

Homework Assignment 8 (PDF)

“Esta noche en el parque”

Capítulo 7 en Ghosts of Spain

Homework Assignment 9 (PDF)

“La noche dividida”

Film: Volver

Homework Assignment 10 (PDF)

“De la noche al alba” y “La noche que ilumina”

Film: Todo sobre mi madre

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