21L.707 | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate
Arthurian Literature and Celtic Colonization



Introduction, The Matter of Britain: Nomenclature and National Identity

2 English Imperialism in the Twelfth-Century  
3 Imperialist History I: Hebrew Models of Historical Narrative  
4 Imperialist History II: Roman Models of Secular History  
5 Imperialist History III: Christian Models of Salvation History  
6 The Return of the Repressed: Multiplicity and the Marvelous  
7 Student Presentations Student presentations 1 due
8 Reconquering the Past: The Motifs of Rivalry and Revenge  
9 The Cause of Liberty and the Roots of British Disunity  
10 The Hero of the Nation: Rescue and Redemption  
11 Private Passions: The Political as Personal  
12 Unnatural History: Linearity, Lineage, and Land Management  
13 Land of Enchantment: Monsters, Marvels, and Mastery  
14 Liberty and License: The Situational Ethics of Erotic Entanglements  
15 Celtic Adventures and the Opportunities for Individual Self-Realization  
16 Misadventures of the Noble Savage  
17 The Dissolution of Britain: The Great Revolt of 1173-74  
18 Gender Trouble: Parody and the Play of Perspectives in the Gawain Romances  
19 Student Presentations Student presentations 2 due
20 Contemptus Mundi: Gothic Horror and the Grotesque  
21 Lateran IV, Lay Spirituality, and Affective Piety  
22 The World as Text  
23 Cyclical Developments  
24 Knight Errantry  
25 Apocalyptic Visions and Cistercian Revisionism  
26 The End of an Era  
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