1 Introduction: Reading recipes: Lasagne from the 14th to the 21st C  

What Our Recipes & Cookbooks Reveal About Us

Case Study: The Egg

3 Early English Cookery Manuscripts  
4 The Forme of Cury First Essay due
5 The Tudor Age: New World Ingredients & The Banquetting Table  
6 Tudor Age cont. Second Essay due
7 The 17th Century: French or English? Catholic or Protestant?  
8 Robert May  
9 18th Century: The Middle Class Domestic Cookery Book  
10 Hannah Glasse  
11 The Victorian Age: Separate Spheres Third Essay due
12 The Victorian Age cont.  
13 Isabella Beeton  
14 The 19th Century: Feeding the Poor  
15 Feeding the Poor cont. Student presentation:
Charles Elmé Francatelli
16 The Empire Abroad Student presentation: “Wyvern”
17 “Wyvern” cont.  
18 Post World War One Student presentation: Florence White
19 Post World War Two: The Mediterranean Diet Fourth Essay due
20 Elizabeth David  
21 Return of the Native  
22 England Today: The Domestic Goddess & The King of Offal  
23 A Transatlantic Postscript: Contemporary American Cookbooks, Blogs, and Food Network  
24 Conclustion Fifth Essay due

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