21M.011 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Western Music

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction; Music of the Middle Ages (PDF)
2 Renaissance and Early Baroque Music for Church, Chamber, and Theater (PDF)
3 Baroque Instrumental Music: Suite, Concerto, and Fugue; Bach (PDF)
4 Baroque Vocal Music: Opera, Oratorio, and Cantata; Handel (PDF)
5 The Classical Symphony and Sonata: Haydn (PDF)
6 The Classical Concerto and Opera: Mozart (PDF)
7 Midterm Exam
8 From Classic to Romantic: Beethoven (PDF)
9 Romantic Songs and Piano Pieces: The Art of the Miniature (PDF)
10 Romantic Program Music and Opera: Fantasies on a Grand Scale (PDF)
11 Late Romantic Orchestral Music: Looking Forward and Back (PDF)
12 The Twentieth Century: The European Tradition (PDF)
13 The Twentieth Century: The American Tradition (PDF)
14 Catch-up and Review

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