This section reflects a selection of assignments used in the course.

Simplified Errors Table - Abbreviations (PDF) (Used for correcting assignments.)

Vivaldi Domine Fili Exercise (PDF)

Assignment 1 (PDF)

Assignment 2 (PDF)

Assignment 2 (cont.) (PDF)

Assignment 3 (PDF)

Assignment 4 (PDF)

Assignment 5 (PDF)

Assignment 6 (PDF)

Assignment 7 (PDF)

Assignment 8 (PDF)

Assignment 9 (PDF)

Assignment 9 (Short) (PDF)

Assignment 10 (PDF)

Assignment 10 (Short) (PDF)

Assignment 11 (PDF)
Assignment 11 (Student Solutions) (PDF)

Assignment 12 (PDF)

Assignment 13 (PDF)

Assignment 14 (PDF)

Assignment 15 (PDF)

Assignment 16 (PDF)

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