21M.355 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate
Musical Improvisation

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Improvisation / Composition: Basic Variables, Melodic and Structural Aspects (PDF)

Course Bibliography

Following are reference readings for the course.

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Lec 8 “Kind of Blue” (Miles Davis) Davis, Miles. Kind of Blue. Sony / Columbia Records. Originally released in 1959.
Lec 9 “In a Silent Way” (Miles Davis) Davis, Miles. In a Silent Way. Sony / Columbia Records. Originally released in 1969.
Lec10-11 Guest artist / lecturers: Phil Scarff and Chitravina Ravikiran Natraj. Deccan Dance. Galloping Goat, 1998. Listen to 2 or 3 tracks.
Lec17-18 Flexology

Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. “Flexology.” Trumpet Madness. Leo Records, 2005.

Morris, Butch. Conduction #41. Vol. 10 in Testament: A Conduction Collection. New World Records, 1995.

Soundpainting with Walter Thompson: OCW videos from 21M.342 Composing for Jazz Orchestra

Lec 19 Themes & Intervals: “Blue Seven” (Sonny Rollins) Rollins, Sonny. “Blue 7.” Saxophone Collosus. Prestige / Fantasy Records. Originally released in 1956.
Lec 22-23 Guest artist / lecturers: Tim Ray, Eugene Friesen, and Greg Hopkins (Tre Corda) Tre Corda. Tre Corda. Agitated Cat Music, 2002. Listen to 2 or 3 tracks.
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