21M.732 | Fall 2008 | Undergraduate

Beginning Costume Design and Construction



Intro: who are you and who am I?

What is a costume? Why a costume designer?

Lecture: Reading the Play

Due in Session #2

Read On the Harm of Tobacco

Make 2 lists; one of costume pieces that are mentioned in the script, and second of things you know about Ivan based on the script.

Answer the questions in as much detail as possible:

1. If he were a car what kind would he be?
2. If he were an animal what kind would he be?
3. If he could chose to kill either himself or his wife, who would he kill?


Lecture: Psychology of Clothes

Discuss On the Harm of Tobacco lists

Due in Session #3

Read these versions of Little Red Riding Hood:

Perrault, Charles. “Little Red Riding Hood.” (1697)
Baring-Gould, Sabine. “Little Red Riding Hood.” (1895)
Sharpe, Anne. “Not So Little Red Riding Hood.” (1985)
Phillips, H. I. “Little Red Riding Hood as a Dictator Would Tell It.” (1940)

Due in Session #4

Design Ivan as a contemporary figure. Use magazine pictures and lots of words, or do a rendering.


Discuss Little Red Riding Hood versions and the idea of concept


Lecture: Script and Character Analysis; Research; Styles of Costumes.

Discuss On the Harm of Tobacco renderings

Due in Session #6

Research period for On the Harm of Tobacco


Lecture: Translating Emotion to Visual

Visual conversation exercise

Line/Emotion exercise

Due in Session #7

Bring in pictures of presented food that you find interesting/beautiful


Look at research for On the Harm of Tobacco

Lecture: Elements of Design

Due in Session #8

Line gowns: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines


Rendering exercises

Drawing lab

Due in Session #8

Read Hamlet synopsis if needed


Discuss line gowns

Watch excerpts of Hamlet by Zeffirelli and discuss idea of concept

Due in Session #10

Collage of Hamlet concept


Discuss food assignment with preso

Begin drafting unit: bodice and hip block

Due in Session #11

Food assignment


Discuss Hamlet collages

Continue drafting

Begin cutting and sewing muslins

Due in Session #12

Thrift store transformation


Discuss food assignment

Finish and fit muslins

Due in Session #14

Read Stupid Kids. Write a concept paper of 3-5 pages about the world you imagine they live in and how they feel about their place in it.

12 Thrift store transformation workshop  

Pattern manipulation and drafting

Discuss Stupid Kids

Introduce sloper manipulation project

Due in Session #15

Sketch for sloper manipulation project


Lecture: Stylization and Abstraction

Wedding project

Due in Session #16

Preliminary sketches for Stupid Kids


Color workshop

Talk about garbage project

Due in Session #17

Group dynamics

Due in Session #23

Garbage project


Look at Stupid Kids sketches

Begin sloper manipulation project

Due in Session #17

Read Kiosk Man

Due in Session #18

Full renderings for Stupid Kids


Look at group dynamics

Discuss final project

Continue sloper manipulation project

Due in Session #18

Read Lion in Winter, be ready to discuss

Due in Session #19

Preliminary rough sketches/idea for Kiosk Man

Due in Session #20

Write a concept paper for Lion in Winter

Due in Session #24

Final project


Look at Stupid Kids renderings

Sloper project


Look at Kiosk Man sketches

Discuss dynamics of play and characters in Lion in Winter

Due in Session #21

Start research for Lion in Winter, bring it in to share


Open shop: garbage project brainstorming

Sloper project

Lion in Winter questions


Texture exercise

Pinstripe Olympics

Due in Session #22

Preliminary renderings for Lion in Winter


Look at Lion in Winter preliminary sketches

Papers returned

Open shop


Present garbage project

Look at finals so far if needed

Open shop

24 Final project preso, Lion In Winter  

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