21W.794 | January IAP 2019 | Graduate

Graduate Technical Writing Workshop


Required Readings 

The Literature Review assignment (see the Assignments section) is based on the following five articles:

Donnelly, Jeffrey P., and Jonathan D. Woodruff. “Intense Hurricane Activity over the Past 5,000 years Controlled by El Niño and the West African Monsoon.” Nature 447 (2007): 465–68.

Elsner, James B., James P. Kossin, and Thomas H. Jagger. “The Increasing Intensity of the Strongest Tropical Cyclones.” Nature 455 (2008): 92–95.

Emanuel, Kerry. “Increasing Destructiveness of Tropical Cyclones over the Past 30 Years.” Nature 436 (2005): 686–88.

O’Gorman, Paul A. “Understanding the Varied Response of the Extratropical Storm Tracks to Climate Change.” PNAS 107, no. 45 (2010): 19176–80.

Patricola, Christina M., and Michael F. Wehner. “Anthropogenic Influences on Major Tropical Cyclone Events.” Nature 563 (2018): 339–46.

Fahnestock, Jeanne, and Marie Secor. “The Stases in Scientific and Literary Argument.” Written Communication 5, no. 4 (1988): 427–43.

Gopen, George D., and Judith A. Swan. “The Science of Scientific Writing.” American Scientist 78, no. 6 (1990): 550–58.

Kanoksilapatham, Budsaba. “Rhetorical Structure of Biochemistry Research Articles.” English for Specific Purposes 24, no. 3 (2005): 269–92.

TedX Talks. “In praise of technique: Judy Swan at TEDxCMU.” April 10, 2013. YouTube.

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