22.101 | Fall 2006 | Graduate

Applied Nuclear Physics



22.101 is dedicated to foundational study of nuclear radiations - neutrons, gamma rays and charged particles and their interactions with matter. Of primary interest are the basic concepts of nuclear stability and reactive collision phenomena involving elementary quantum and classical mechanics, along with kinematics relations based on conservation laws. A signature focus is the understanding of cross sections and their use in various application areas relevant to the Department.

General Reference Texts

Krane, Kenneth S. Introductory Nuclear Physics. New York, NY: Wiley and Sons, 1987, pp. 845. ISBN: 9780471805533.

Meyerhof, Walter E. Elements of Nuclear Physics. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1967, pp. 279. ISBN: 9780070417458.

Evans, Robley D. The Atomic Nucleus. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1982, pp. 972. ISBN: 9780898744149.

Grading Policy

Problem Sets 40%
Quizzes (20% each) 60%


1 Basic Nuclear Concepts

Quantum Mechanical Description of Nuclei
2 Schrödinger Wave Equation

3 Bound States in One Dimensional Systems – Particle in a Square Well Problem set 1 due
4 Bound States in Three Dimensions - Orbital Angular Momentum

5 Barrier Penetration Problem set 2 due two days after Lec #5
6 The Neutron-Proton System: Bound State of the Deuteron

7 Overview of Cross Section Calculation Problem set 3 due
8 Neutron-Proton Scattering

9 Quiz 1 Review Problem set 4 due

Quiz 1 (Lec #1-8, Closed Book)

Nuclear Binding, Stability and Decay
10 Nuclear Shell Model

11 Nuclear Binding Energy and Stability Problem set 5 due two days after Lec #11
12 Binding Energy and Mass Parabolas

Interaction of Radiation with Matter
13 Radioactive-Series Decay Problem set 6 due
14 Charged Particle Interactions: Stopping Power, Collision and Ionization

15 Charged Particle Interactions: Radiation Loss, Range

16 Neutron Interactions: Q-equation and Elastic Scattering

17 Quiz 2 Review Problem set 7 due

Quiz 2 (Lec #9-15, Closed Book)

18 Neutron Interactions: Energy, Angular Distributions, Thermal Motions

19 Gamma Interactions: Compton Scattering

20 Gamma Interactions: Photoelectric Effect and Pair Production

21 Detection of Nuclear Radiation: Pulse Height Spectra

Nuclear Processes
22 Nuclear Decays

23 Nuclear Reactions: Energetics and Compound Nucleus Problem set 8 due
24 Quiz 3 Review

Quiz 3 (Lec #16-21, Closed Book)

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