22.14 | Spring 2015 | Graduate

Materials in Nuclear Engineering

Lecture Notes

1 Overview Survey of Material Selection in Nuclear Systems Lecture 1 Nuclear Materials Overview (PDF - 4.4MB)
2 The Language of Materials Science
Symmetry, Miller Indices Lecture 2 Symmetry and Structure (PDF - 2.2MB)
3 Crystal Structures, Bravais Lattices, Space Groups
4 Thermodynamics
Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations Lecture 3 Binary Phase Diagrams (PDF - 1.2MB)
5 Free Energy Origins of Phase Diagrams
6 Material Deformation and Failure Free Energy (cont.), Point Defects Lecture 4 Defects and Deformation in Crystals (PDF - 19.9MB)
7 Dislocations, 2D & 3D Defects
8 Stress, Strain, Plasticity, Creep, Fracture, Failure
9 Radiation Damage and Effects Stopping Power, Radiation Damage, DPA Lecture 5 Radiation Damage Mechanisms and Rates (PDF - 6.9MB)
10 Displacement Rates, Radiation Point Defect Kinetics
11 Radiation Effects in Materials, Fuels Lecture 6 Radiation Effects in Materials (PDF - 1.7MB)
12 Recap Nuclear Material Choices in Systems

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