Lecture Notes

1 Nuclear Energy System Strategies (PDF - 2.8 MB) Prof. Todreas
2 Design Goals and Interrelationship of Core Design Parameters (PDF) Prof. Todreas
3 Thermal Hydraulic Design Requirements - LWR Steady State and Transient Design (PDF - 1.4 MB) Prof. Todreas
4 Thermal Hydraulic in Safety Analysis (PDF - 1.6 MB) Prof. Todreas
5 Reactor Physics - Design Parameters for PWRs (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
6 Design Requirements - Safety and Critical Safety Functions (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
7 Reactor Safety: The Emergence of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
8 Reactor Physics - Design Parameters for GFRs (PDF) Chris Handwerk, Course TA
9 PRA Methodology Overview (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
10 Probabilistic Calculations - I (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
11 Probabilistic Calculations - II (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
12 Risk-Informed Changes to the Licensing Basis - I (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
13 Applying Safety Regulations to Plant Operations (PDF) Prof. Kadak
14 Risk-Informed Changes to the Licensing Basis - II (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
15 Large Break LOCA Analysis/Result (PDF - 2.5 MB) Prof. Todreas

The Maintenance Rule - I

Prof. Apostolakis

The Maintenance Rule - II

Prof. Apostolakis
18 Plant Economic Evaluation (PDF) Prof. Todreas
19 Plant Economic Evaluation (cont.) (PDF) Prof. Todreas
20 Materials Selection Process (PDF) Prof. Ballinger
21 Radiation Damage Effects and Their Design Implications (PDF - 1.3 MB) Prof. Ballinger
22 Environmental Degradation and its Design Implications (PDF) Prof. Ballinger
23 PWR Materials Applications Prof. Ballinger
24 GFR Materials Applications (PDF) Prof. Ballinger
25 Risk Informed Design Guidance for Gen IV Reactors (PDF) Prof. Apostolakis
26 Integration of Design Process - IRIS as the Example Guest Lecturer: Bojan Petrovich, Westinghouse
27 Integration of Design Process - 1: IRIS Plant, 2: Sample Oral Prof. Todreas/Prof. Apostolakis
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