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Managing Nuclear Technology


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1 Introduction Park and Sharp-Bette (PSB). Chapter 1, pp. 3-25.

Financial Ratio Analysis.”

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2 Balance Sheets and Income Statements

The Time Value of Money

Discrete and Continuous Compounding

PSB. pp. 38-70.
3 Time Value of Money Mechanics (cont.) PSB. pp. 70-83.
4 The Effects of Inflation

Calculation of Capital Costs

An Illustration of the Use of Depreciation (PDF)

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5 Depreciation, Capital Recovery, and Taxes  
6 Depreciation, Capital Recovery, and Taxes (II) PSB. pp. 201-237.

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7 Levelized Cost of Product

Carrying Charges

8 Methods for Project Evaluation PSB. pp. 243-264.
9 Methods for Project Evaluation (II): Nuclear Power Economics  
10 Quiz #1  
11 Retirement/Replacement Problems

Cost of Capital

PSB. pp. 654-682.

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12 Evaluating Projects under Uncertainty  
13 Economics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (I): Material Balances and Simple Cost Models “The Nuclear Fuel Cycle.” Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency. Chapter 3 from The Economics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, 1994. (PDF)

Nuclear Engineering for an Uncertain Future

14 Economics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (II): Enrichment Case Study  
15 Reprocessing and MOX Recycle: Economics and other Considerations The Economics Of Reprocessing Vs. Direct Disposal Of Spent Nuclear Fuel (PDF - 1.3 MB) (Courtesy of Matthew Bunn. Used with permission.)
16 Nonproliferation, Safeguards, and Export Controls See Related Resources - “Nonproliferation” Links
17 Proliferation-resistance and Nuclear Energy Civilian Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Weapons Programs: The Record (PDF) (Courtesy of Matthew Bunn. Used with permission.)

See Related Resources - Links for “Nonproliferation and Energy” and “Nonproliferation Careers for Nuclear Engineers”

18 Quiz #2  
19 Externalities: Accounting and Regulation The Future of Nuclear Power . pp. 53-63, 157-164.
20 Nuclear Waste Management (I) Probability Neglect: Emotions, Worst Cases, and Law (PDF) (Courtesy of Cass R. Sunstein. Used with permission.)
21 Nuclear Waste Management (II)  
22 Risk Perceptions, Communication and Public Attitudes  
23 Future of Nuclear Power  
24 Term Project Presentations  
25 Term Project Presentations