24.06J | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate


Study Materials

The study guides in this section provide questions to guide the weekly readings, while the handouts summarize key lecture topics.

Ending life
L1 Introduction to the course    
L2 From euthanasia to assisted suicide (PDF)  
L3 Killing for the greater good I   (PDF)
L4 Killing for the greater good II   (PDF)
L5 Withdrawal of life support (PDF)  
Beginning life
L6 Neonatal dilemmas (PDF)  
L7 Are people organisms?   (PDF)
L8 The ethics of abortion I   (PDF)
L9 History and abortion (PDF)  
L10 The ethics of abortion II   (PDF)
L11 Obligations of pregnancy (PDF)  
Optimizing life
L12 Procreation and future people I   (PDF)
L13 Procreation and future people II   (PDF)
L14 Eugenics and its legacies (PDF)  
L15 Genetic engineering (PDF)  
L16 Slippery slopes   (PDF)
L17 Enhancing or cheating (PDF)  
Valuing life
L18 The political economy of organs (PDF)  
L19 Valuing lives I   (PDF)
L20 Valuing lives II   (PDF)
L21 Rationing health care (PDF)  
L22 Valuing lives III    
Regulating life
L23 Public health vs. individual rights? (PDF)  
L24 Public health and individual responsibility (PDF)  
L25 Self binding   (PDF)
L26 Conclusions    

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