24.118 | Spring 2019 | Undergraduate

Paradox and Infinity


Problem Sets 

Each of the 10 topics we’ll discuss has its own problem set, except Topics 7 and 8, which have a shared problem set. (Accordingly, there will be 9 problem sets in total.)

The problem sets count for 80% of the course grade.

Collaboration Policy

It’s okay to discuss problem-sets with other MIT students who are currently taking the class, but each student must complete the problem-set on his or her own and include a list of collaborators. It’s okay to consult published materials. With the exception of course-materials, all sources must be credited, in accordance with MIT’s Academic Integrity guidelines. (Consulting answers to problem sets from previous versions of the class is considered plagiarism and will be aggressively pursued.)

1 Infinite Cardinalities (PDF)
2 The Higher Infinite (PDF)
3 Omega-Sequence Paradoxes (PDF)
4 Time Travel (PDF)
5 Newcomb’s Problem (PDF)
6 Probability (PDF)
7 and 8 Non-Measurable Sets (PDF)
9 Computability (PDF)
10 Gödel’s Theorem (PDF)

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