24.915 | Fall 2015 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Linguistic Phonetics


session key dates
1: Introduction to Phonetics and Grammar  
2: Audition, Analog / Digital Converstion Basic Acoustics Assignment due
3: Position of Phonetics in Grammars Mandarin VOT Assignment, Part 1 due
4: Source-Filter Model of Speech Production  
5: Acoustics of Vowels Mandarin VOT Assignment, Part 2 due
6: Spectral Analysis of Techniques  
7: Theory of Adaptive Dispersion Modeling the Acoustic Effects of Lip Rounding Assignment due
8: Source-Filter Analysis of Fricatives and Stops Acoustics Assignment 3 due
9: Speech Perception I: Cues, Perceptual Space  
10: Speech Perception II: Distinctiveness and Cue Strength Acoustics Assignment 4 due
11: The Acoustics of Nasals and Laterals Affricate Voicing Experiment due
12: Speech Production  
13: Coarticulation: Gestures and Timing  
14: Basic Statistics  
15: Targets in Speech Production Progress Report on Final Project due
16: Phonology and Lexical Access Writeup on Affricate Voicing Experiment due
17: Phonetic Grammar and Lexical Access  
18: Phonetics and Sound Change Final Project Due

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