The following list presents the topics for the weekly seminar sessions. All sessions other than the first two featured guest lecturers.

  • Session 1: Linguistics and (In)justice: The Case of Creole Studies from a Haitian Perspective
  • Session 2: Linguistics and Social Justice: The MIT-Haiti Initiative as Case Study
  • Session 3: The Right to Read and Write: Language Activism in a Diasporic Haitian Creole Space (Guests: Wynnie Lamour and Darnelle Champagne)
  • Session 4: Seychelles’ Language Policy for “Leveling the Field” (Guests: Penda Choppy, Justin Zelime, and Aneesa Vel)
  • Session 5: A Language that Binds / A Language that Divides: The Kreol Paradox in Mauritius (Guest: Nicholas Natchoo)
  • Session 6: Resistance and Revitalisation of French Creole in Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela (Guest: Jo-Anne Ferreira)
  • Session 7: Language Rights and Justice for All in the Caribbean (Guests: Kadian Walters, Celia Blake, and Hubert Devonish)
  • Session 8, part 1: From Definiteness to Poetry: Doing Linguistic Work with and in Ch’ol (Guest: Carol Rose Little)
  • Session 8, part 2: Standardization Processes for Minoritized Languages (Guest: William Scott)
  • Session 9: Decolonizing Iñupiaq Language Curricula (Guest: Annauk Denise Aulin)
  • Session 10: Language from Below: Grassroots Efforts to Develop Language Technology for Minoritized Languages. Case studies from Ireland and New Zealand (Guest: Kevin Scannell)
  • Session 11: Beyond Linguistic Repression at 60° N: Growing Acceptance of Diversity in Shetland (Guest: Viveka Velupillai)
  • Session 12: Cabo Verdean in Education: Access, Equity, and a Basic Human Right (Guests: Marlyse Baptista and Abel Djassi Amado)
  • Session 13, part 1: Language Friendly Schools (Guests: Ellen-Rose Kambel and Deena Hurwitz, Rutu Foundation and Language Friendly Schools)
  • Session 13, part 2: Language and Development (Guest: Dominique Dupuy, Ambassador, Haiti’s Permanent Delegation at UNESCO)