3.21 | Spring 2006 | Graduate

Kinetic Processes in Materials


This following table lists readings assigned for each lecture session, plus supplemental readings. Most assigned readings are from the course textbook:

[KoM] = Balluffi, R. W., S. M. Allen, and W. C. Carter. Kinetics of Materials. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2005. ISBN: 9780471246893.

The table below provides information on the course’s lecture (L) and recitation (R) sessions.

L1 Introduction: Fields and Gradients; Fluxes; Continuity Equation KoM, chapter 1.
R1 Recitation  
L2 Irreversible Thermodynamics

KoM, chapter 2.

Christian, J. W. “Irreversible Thermodynamics.” In Theory of Transformations in Metals and Alloys, Part 1: Equilibrium and General Kinetic Theory. Kidlington, UK: Pergamon Press, 1975. ISBN: 9780080180311.

L3 Driving Forces and Fluxes for Diffusion; Self-Diffusion and Interdiffusion

KoM, section 3.1.

Poirier, D. R., and G. H. Geiger. Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing. Warrendale, PA: Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 1994. ISBN: 9780873392723. See pp. 185-189 and 281-282 on Heat Conduction, and pp. 417-434 on Diffusion.

R2 Recitation  
L4 Interdiffusion; Effects of Electrical Potential, Capillarity, and Stress on Diffusion Potential KoM, sections 3.2-3.5.
L5 Effects of Capillarity and Stress on Diffusion KoM, sections 3.4-3.5.
L6 The Diffusion Equation KoM, sections 4.1-4.1.2 and 4.2.
R3 Recitation  
L7 Solutions to the Diffusion Equation - I KoM, sections 4.3-4.5.
L8 Solutions to the Diffusion Equation - II KoM, sections 5.1-5.2.4.
L9 Solutions to the Diffusion Equation - III KoM, sections 5.2.4-5.2.6.
R4 Recitation  
L10 Activated Jump Processes KoM, sections 7.1-7.1.2 and 7.2.
L11 Diffusion Resulting from Discrete Jumps KoM, section 7.2.
L12 Diffusion in Crystals KoM, sections 8.1-8.2.1.
R5 Recitation  
  Exam 1  
L13 Atomic Models for Diffusivities - I

KoM, section 8.2.

Allen, S. M., and E. L. Thomas. “Point Imperfections in Ionic Crystals.” Section 5.1.6 in The Structure of Materials. 1999. ISBN: 9780471000822.

L14 Atomic Models for Diffusivities - II KoM, section 8.2.
R6 Recitation  
L15 Short-Circuit Diffusion in Crystals KoM, chapter 9.
L16 Diffusion in Noncrystalline Materials KoM, chapter 10.
L17 Surface Evolution Due to Capillary Forces KoM, section 14.1.
R7 Recitation  
L18 Particle Coarsening KoM, sections 15.1 and C.4.
L19 Grain Growth KoM, sections 15.2 and 13.3.5.
L20 Diverse Short Topics: Anisotropic Surfaces, Diffusional Creep, and Sintering KoM, sections 14.2, 16.1, 16.3, and C.3.
R8 Recitation  
  Exam 2  
L21 General Features of Phase Transformations KoM, chapter 17.
R9 Recitation  
L22 Spinodal Decomposition and Continuous Ordering KoM, chapter 18.
L23 Spinodal Decomposition Kinetics KoM, chapter 18.
R10 Recitation  
L24 Nucleation KoM, chapter 19.
L25 Heterogeneous Nucleation KoM, section 19.2.
L26 Diffusional Growth KoM, chapter 20.
R11 Recitation  
L27 Morphological Stability of Moving Interfaces

KoM, chapter 20.

See Mathematica notebook on Diffusional Growth in lecture notes section.

L28 Kinetics of Nucleation and Growth Transformations KoM, chapter 21.
R12 Recitation  
  Exam 3  

Supplemental Readings

Students are encouraged to consult an applied math book as needed, such as: Hildebrand, F. B. Advanced Calculus for Applications. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1976.

Balluffi, R. W. “In Pursuit of the Lattice Vacancy.” MRS Bulletin (February 1991): 23-28.