3.A08 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate
Attraction and Repulsion: The Magic of Magnets


Students are expected to complete a series short writing assignments based on the readings and class discussions, as listed in the following table. Students also research a topic of their choosing, and give a 15 minute oral presentation to the class.

Weekly Writing Assignments

1 Based on the reading, write 250 words or more on a scientific or technological application of fact 8 (induction) or fact 9 or 10 (magnetic forces on moving charges). Please cite any on-line or other sources used.
2 Write 250 words or more on some aspect of magnetic levitation.
3 Write 250 words or more on some aspect of magnetic recording. This field has moved very rapidly since the book was written, and you might want to consult recent sources on progress in bit densities or on magnetic RAMs (MRAM).
4 Choose topic for your 15-minute oral presentation (to be given later) and write 250 words or more on the topic. A list of possible topics will be distributed, but skim Driving Force and elsewhere for other ideas.
5 Write 250 words or more on some aspect of biomagnetism.
6 Write 250 words or more on some use of magnets in advanced physics or chemistry research.
7 Write 250 words or more giving your frank assessment of the seminar - which seminars you liked best, which you liked least, and any suggestions you may have to improve next year’s seminar.

Oral Presentations

Students gave presentations on the following topics:

  • Gauss Rifle
  • Bird Navigation
  • Magnetism and Relativity
  • NMR in Chemistry
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Rail Guns and Coil Guns

Examples of Research Papers

Magnetism and Relativity (PDF) (Courtesy of Robert Moffatt. Used with permission.)

The “Gauss Rifle” (PDF) (Courtesy of Meghan Reedy. Used with permission.)

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