4.301 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Introduction to the Visual Arts


The class is organized around three sections, and each section has its own assignment. Those three assignments are listed here:


Assignment 1: Shaping Time (PDF)

Using demonstrated production and editing techniques, make a 90 second experimental video. Sound must be diegetic or self generated.

Assignment 2: Body Extension (PDF)

Create an art work that exists as a “body extension,” a sculptural/architectural/corporeal supplement. Use your own body as a starting point for an exploration of the self, including psychological and physical aspects and concepts of identity. The second part of the assignment asks you to interact with your body extension in a way that significantly alters your experience of it.

Assignment 3: Made Public (PDF)

Create a work of art in a public place that addresses the physical, psychological and social dimensions of the site. You will be asked to research various public sites in order to locate an appropriate context within which to respond. Consideration of the political and ethical implications of working in a public area will be central to the development of the project. Document your project appropriately.

Student Work 2005

The examples below are from the version of 4.301 taught by Julia Scher in spring 2005. All work is used with permission.

Shaping Time

Daniel Campos

Video (MP4 - 2MB)

Matthew Faulkner

Video (MP4 - 2MB)

Sal Pallante

Video (MP4 - 3MB)

Adam Shabshelowitz

Video (MP4 - 3MB)

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