4.301 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Introduction to the Visual Arts



Wiki: Puppet
The Wikipedia entry for puppet, with a list of various styles of puppets.

The Art of Puppetry
A brief summary of puppets in contemporary art.

Missing the Punchline
A brief article on contemporary Punch and Judy performance.

Wiki: Punch and Judy
The Wikipedia entry for Punch and Judy.

Political Puppetry
A short history of radical puppetry.

Assignment 2: Body Extension

McCloud, Scott. Understanding Comics. New York, NY: Harper, 1994, chapter 3. ISBN: 9780060976255.
This is of a marvelous book by Scott McCloud. The entire book is worth reading.

The Uncanny
This is an essay by Freud. Read it. Love it.

Simulacra and Simulations
Essay by Baudrillard.

Wiki: Uncanny Valley
The Wikipedia entry for Uncanny Valley.

Project Puppet
This is a great website for building muppet style puppets. They sell patterns and materials. Right now they are having a buy one get one 1/2 price sale, if any of you want split costs.


Robbins, David. “Concrete Comedy: A Primer.” Artforum, November 2004.
This is an essay written by the artist David Robbins for an issue of Artforum about 2 years ago. He is about to publish an entire tome on the subject, this essay as meant as an introduction.

The Adventures of Pinocchio
Here’s the original book, by Carlo Collodi, online for free for those of you who wish to read it.

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