The class projects are presented here. All work is courtesy of the students named and used with permission.

Group 1 - Andrew Wit, Lara Davis, Keith Case, and Chienchuan Chen   Presentation (PDF - 6.5 MB), Text (PDF)
Group 2 - Young-Ju Kim, Doug Dunlap, Charles Curran, and Alice Rosenberg (PDF) Presentation (PDF), Text (PDF)
Group 3 - Kate James, Charlie Hagen-Cazes, Najiyah Edun, John Pugh, and Morgan Pinney (PDF) Presentation (PDF - 2.0 MB), Text (PDF)
Group 4 - Annatina Caprez, Steve Preston, Haruka Horiuchi, and Marika Kobel (PDF - 2.2 MB) Presentation (PDF - 5.0 MB), Text (PDF)
Group 5 - Salome Francpourmoi, Mio Uchida, Marissa Grace Desmond, and Rachel Gealy (PDF - 8.7 MB) Presentation (PDF - 9.2 MB), Text (PDF)
Group 6 - Ethan Lacy, Chris Guignon, and Ian Kaminski-Coughlin   Presentation (PDF), Text (PDF)
Group 7 - Seth Avecilla, Jonathan Harmon, and Sonia Klemperer-Johnson (PDF) Presentation (PDF), Text (PDF)
Group 8 - Wayne Higgins, Annina Rust, Marissa Cheng, and Erica Weiss (PDF) Presentation (PDF), Text (PDF)

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