4.401 | Fall 2018 | Undergraduate
Environmental Technologies in Buildings


Due Dates Assignments

Friday of week 2

Assignment 1: My Energy Essay (PDF)

Friday of week 3

Assignment 2: Shading Studies and Sun Path Diagrams (PDF)

Friday of week 4

Assignment 3: Visual and Thermal Comfort (PDF)

Friday of week 5

Assignment 4: Designing a PV System (PDF)

Friday of week 7

Assignment 5: Daylight Availability Study (PDF)

Friday of week 8

Assignment 6: Visual Comfort and Electric Lighting (PDF)

Friday of week 9

Assignment 7: Energy Explorations (PDF)

Friday of week 10

Assignment 8: Simulation Game Analysis (PDF - 1.5 MB)

Friday of week 13 (undergraduate students)

Monday of Exam Week (graduate students)

Course project (PDF)

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