Lecture Slides and Supplemental Readings

Lecture Slides

The following file contains slides that Professor Stiny used to introduce the concept of shape grammars in his lectures during the first two weeks of the course: 

Introductory Lecture Slides (PDF - 5.2 MB)

Supplemental Readings

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1817). “Imagination and Fancy” (excerpt from Biographia Literaria).

March, Lionel (2011). “Forty Years of Shape and Shape Grammars, 1971–2011” (PDF)Nexus Network Journal 13(1), pp. 5–13.

 Stiny, George (1975). “Turing Machines and Shape Grammars” in Pictorial and Formal Aspects of Shape and Shape Grammars. Birkhauser, pp. 282–288. ISBN: 9783764308032.

-————– (1991). “The Algebras of Design.” Research in Engineering Design 2, pp. 171–181.

-————– (1992). “Weights.” Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 19, pp. 413–430.

-————– (2011). “What Rule(s) Should I Use?” (PDF - 1.3 MB)Nexus Network Journal 13(1), pp. 15–47.

Stiny, George, and James Gips (1972). “Shape Grammars and the Generative Specification of Painting and Sculpture” (PDF - 10.4 MB). Paper submitted to IFIP Congress 71.

-————– (1978). Algorithmic Aesthetics: Computer Models for Criticism and Design in the Arts (PDF - 20.1 MB). Berkeley: University of California Press. ISBN: 0520034678.

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