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Lecture 2

  1. Strings

    What is the value of variable `u` from the code below?

    once = "umbr"

     umbrella ella ella ella  check
     umbrellaellaellaella  close
     umbrella  close
     umbrella4  close

  2. Comparisons

    What does the code below print?

    pset_time = 15

     False then False  check
     False then True  close
     True then False  close
     True then True  close
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  3. Branching

    What’s printed when x = 0 and y = 5?

    x = float(input("Enter a number for x: "))

     x is smaller  check
     y is smaller  close
     x / y is 0.0  close
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  4. While Loops

    In the code below from Lecture 2, what is printed when you type “Right”?

    n = input("You're in the Lost Forest. Go left or right? ")

     You're in the Lost Forest. Go left or right?  close
     You got out of the Lost Forest!  check
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  5. For Loops

    What is printed when the below code is run?

    mysum = 0

     5  check
     6  close
     21  close
     24  close
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