Tutorial Problems

These tutorial problems can be used to test your understanding of the lecture material. Some of these problems are similar to those appearing on the quizzes.

In these files, some questions are marked by stars. These are problems that have been selected for discussion in section, time permitting.

Problems for quiz 1
Basics of information (PDF) (PDF)
The digital abstraction (PDF) (PDF)
CMOS technology (PDF) (PDF)
Gates and Boolean logic (PDF) (PDF)
Synthesis of combinational logic (PDF) (PDF)
Problems for quiz 2
Sequential logic (PDF) (PDF)
Finite state machines (PDF) (PDF)
Synchronization and metastability (PDF) (PDF)
Pipelining (PDF) (PDF)
Problems for quiz 3
Models of computation (PDF) (PDF)
Programmable machines (PDF) (PDF)
Machine language (PDF) (PDF)
Stacks and procedures (PDF) (PDF)
Building the Beta (PDF) (PDF)
Problems for quiz 4
Memory hierarchy (PDF) (PDF)
Caches (PDF) (PDF)
Virtual memory (PDF) (PDF)
Operating system issues (PDF) (PDF)
Interrupts and real time (PDF) (PDF)
Problems for quiz 5
Semaphores (PDF) (PDF)
Pipelined Beta (PDF) (PDF)

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