6.045J | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

Automata, Computability, and Complexity

Lecture Notes

The lecture slides in this section are courtesy of Prof. Nancy Lynch, and are used with permission. The scribe notes were originally from 6.080 Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science; scribe notes are courtesy of the student named in the file, and are used with permission.

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Logic, circuits, and gates (PDF)
3 Deterministic finite automata (DFAs) and nondeterministic finite automata (NFAs) (PDF)
4 NFAs and regular expressions (PDF)
5 Non-regular languages and the pumping lemma (PDF)
6 Turing machines (PDF)
7 Decidability (PDF)
8 Undecidable problems and Post correspondence problem (PCP) (PDF)
9 Mapping reducibility and Rice’s theorem (PDF)
10 Self-reference and the recursion theorem (PDF)
11 Introduction to cryptography (PDF)
12 Complexity theory (PDF)
13 Pseudorandom generators and one-way functions (PDF)
14 Public-key cryptography (PDF)
15 More complexity theory (PDF)
16 More NP-completeness (PDF)
17 Probabilistic Turing machines and complexity classes (PDF)
18 Trapdoor one-way functions and zero-knowledge proofs (PDF)
19 Probably approximately correct (PAC) learning (PDF)
20 More PAC learning (PDF)
21 Introduction to quantum (PDF)
22 Quantum mechanics and BQP (PDF)
23 Quantum algorithms (PDF)

Cryptography Handout

Introduction to cryptography and RSA (PDF) (Courtesy of Leonid Grinberg. Used with permission.)

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